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Volume2,May 2017,

Topic : Design And Development of Finger Friction Tribometer

Authors:Y Shriraj Rao || M S Bobji, Prithvi C, Sanjeev Kumar, Swapnil

Abstract:The project aims to define foam quality of different surfactant solutions on the basis of its visual and tactile attributes. A consumer is inclined to choose a detergent which forms lather instantly and the one which produces a feeling of slipperiness (so as to reduce the effort). These tactile attributes may rather be correlated with detergent properties such as the one which helps it to produce more amount of foam and the one which produces softer and creamier foam. Properties such as amount of lather, bubble size distribution and its density can be easily measured through standard instruments but the tactile attributes like slipperiness, softness and stickiness cannot be quantified as such. Such properties need to be correlated with quantifiable properties like viscosity, pH and friction between fingers. These correlations will facilitate the quantification of tactile attributes which would further help in laboratory scale classification of different foams of detergent solutions. One of the critical parameter that is important with respect to the tactile feel of materials is friction. This work describes the design, construction and use of a friction measurement system that can be used to evaluate coefficient of friction for different surfaces under varied lubrication conditions. The system has been designed so that it is very cost effective to manufacture, and provides all the necessary information about contact forces. Experiments are normally conducted by stroking the stationary surface using finger; provision has also been made for carrying out experiments with an artificial finger. Capacity and accuracy of load cell are less than 4N and 0.1%. In-vivo friction coefficients of skin of arm is varied from 0.3 to 1.42 dependent on condition under which experiment is carried out i.e with addition of surfactants or oil or water or under dry condition, normal load, counter surface materials and its textures..

Keywords: Skin tribology, Finger friction, Effect of surfactants

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DOI: 01.1617/vol4/iss5/pid05164

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