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Volume2,May 2017,

Topic : Design of tesla turbine and fabrication of model

Authors:G. Sai Krishna Pranay || Md Mujtaba Ahsan Ullah, Md Faiz Ul Haque,Dr U.S Vara Prasad

Abstract:layer turbine. It was invented by Nikola Tesla in the year 1908 and patented in the year 1913.It works on Boundary layer theory. The boundary layer is responsible for the rotation of discs with increase in the individual pressure in the cross section. As the world is getting polluted more and more by harmful gases from the burning of fossil fuels example: IC engines, the need for the alternate way of getting the work output has to be the key goal of today’s engineers. As tesla turbine can run on water, compressed air and steam. Hence these are all abundantly available resources which can be utilized to get the max efficiency from the turbine. Tesla turbine gives maximum efficiency when run on steam, as steam generation is difficult and not ideal for small scale projects we decided to go for compressed air. As stated by tesla the efficiency of this turbine is around 95%. Hence this turbine was chosen for the major aim of the project. In total two models where prepared from plastic practically and tested and final model is a computerized model in proportionate to the previous models. The input pressure, output pressure, input velocity, exit velocity, torque, actual work, isentropic work, experimental efficiency and power were calculated from the model and the designed turbine, when running on compressed air. The equations used for these calculations are the Navier-Stokes equation in cylindrical co-ordinate system, continuity equation, momentum equation. These were the theoretical calculations done on the model and the designed turbine. The Bernoulli’s equation, continuity equation, torque equation in relation with fluid flow, angular acceleration are calculated manually for the values of torque, isentropic work, actual work and experimental efficiency..

Keywords: Boundary layer theory, Disks, Spacers, compressed air, transmission, work production

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DOI: 01.1617/vol4/iss5/pid63079

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