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Volume2,August 2017,

Topic : Design of Low Cost Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer to Evolve Mechanical Properties of Soft Materials.

Authors:Mr. Salim Jafri || Dr. Priam Pillai

Abstract:The most promising alternative fuel will have the greatest impact on future society. The rapid growth of environmental pollution, energy security and future fuel supply, the non petroleum based alternative fuels are used to increase the efficiency of the fuel and impact on green house gases. LPG is a mixture of petroleum and natural gases that exist in a liquid state at ambient temperatures under moderate pressure (less than 200 psi). LPG has a high Octane rating, which indicates that the engine operated by LPG would be more efficient than that of equivalent petrol engine. LPG has been used as an alternative fuel in the existing S.I. engine with slight modification in the fuel supply system. The vaporizer is required to convert the liquid fuel into vapour supplied to the carburettor. The working of the experimental setup is four cylinders, four stroke petrol engine with the solenoid actuator. The actuator allows LPG to the carburetor through the vaporizer kit. LPG is metered by hanging type weighing scale. Methanol is added with LPG by volume under gravity before vaporizer kit. Engine hot water heats up the vaporizer kit for raise in temperature of LPG and to evaporate the methanol easily. The petrol engine is started with LPG and then it is run by a mixture of LPG and methanol by adjusting the LPG flow. The performance and emission characteristics of engine are investigated by varying the quantity of methanol and LPG. The thermal and mechanical efficiencies are increased with addition of methanol and the specific fuel consumption is decreased. The emission characteristics like CO, CO2, HC and NOx are also reduced.

Keywords: LPG, methanol, vaporizer kit, S.I. Engine, performance, emission.

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DOI: 01.1617/vol4/iss8/pid74105

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