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Volume1,May 2016,

Topic : Mix Design of Bituminous Road Using Crumb Rubber

Authors:Banila K Monachan || Darshana Jayalal,Swaliha S,Veena Raj

Abstract:The growth rate of vehicles is the backbone of economic development of any country. India is the second fast growing automobile industry in the world. In today’s era, solid waste management is the thrust area. On the other side, the traffic intensity is also increasing. As a result amount of waste tyres is also increasing. Today these are generally disposed by burning and landfilling. The main objective of this study is to determine the effects of crumb rubber on bituminous mix. An attempt has been made to use Crumb Rubber; blended using wet process .Marshall method of bituminous mix design was carried out for varying percentages of Crumb Rubber to determine the different mix design characteristics. Marshall’s was carried out by changing the crumb rubber content at constant optimum binder content and subsequent tests have been performed to determine the different mix design characteristics. This has resulted in much improved characteristics when compared with straight run bitumen. Crumb rubber modification has shown the ability to improve the rutting resistance, resilience modulus, and fatigue cracking resistance of asphaltic mixes. This is due to the alteration to the property of the bituminous binder in terms of the viscosity, softening point, loss modulus, and storage modulus. Use of crumb rubber also leads to excellent pavement life, driving comfort and low maintenance. .

Keywords: bitumen, Crumbrubber ,marshallstability ,mixdesign.

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DOI: 01.1617/vol1iss1pid001146

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