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Volume1,November 2016,

Topic : Automated Irrigation & Security System

Authors:Prashantha.K || Shivaraj

Abstract:Efficient water management and security is an important task in any cropping systems. In the present work an attempt has been made to design and develop a system that automatically monitors the moisture content in the irrigation field and protects the crops by usage of GSM and Microcontroller technology. The system makes use of sensors like humidity, IR and PIR to get the feedback from the irrigation field and initiating the necessary action with the help of Microcontroller. After implementation of this system it is observed that the system was able to detect the insecure condition in the field and give alert message to farmer and also maintain required moisture content was maintained automatically. This system provides an ideal solution to the problems faced by farmer in daily life in their field. The system is adaptable and cost-effective. The system uses embedded technology so all advantages of embedded system present here..

Keywords: Automatic Irrigation; motor-pump; GSM; IR sensor; Embedded system I. INTRODUCTION When water becomes scarce, difficult to managing the demand for water in agriculture, which is the largest user of diverted water, holds the key to water management to meet the demands from competing users. As per some estimates, irrigation in India consumes nearly 500 BCM of water annually. Raising crop water productivity provides a means both to ease water scarcity and to make available water for additional human uses and nature. But the key to appreciative the ways to develop water productivity is in understanding what it resources. Definition of water productivity is scale dependent. Water productivity can be study at the plant, field, farm, system and basin levels, and its price would change with the changing scale of analysis. In several areas enough rainfall is obtainable for crop growth, but a lot of other areas need irrigation. For irrigation methods to be sustainable, they need right supervision and must not use extra water from their source than is obviously replenish able. Or else, the water source becomes a nonrenewable source. Development in water well drilling knowledge and submersible pumps have made it achievable to frequently achieve high crop yields in areas where trust on rainfall only had before made booming agriculture un predictable Water management decisions are often taken on the basis of average water productivity estimates. But rather than average water productivity, marginal productivity is more important to make water allocation choices. This is because

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DOI: 01.1617/vol1iss7pid001194

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