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Volume2,February 2017,

Topic : Artificial Floating Islands as Eco-Engineered Remedy: A Review

Authors:Priyanka Baji || Dr.V.D.Salkar

Abstract:In present years, water pollution has become one of the most critical environmental challenges. The Artificial Floating Islands (AFIs) are an innovative variant of wetlands with substrates-rooted plants and free-floating aquatic plant systems, which consist of aquatic or terrestrial plants growing in a hydroponic manner with buoyant frames floating on the surface of water bodies. Eco engineered remedy such as floating wetland is commonly presented as an important strategy for maintaining and improving water quality and aesthetic appearance of water bodies. Literature review indicates that previous works are carried out at different scales using different design parameters. Artificial Floating Islands (AFIs) are vegetated floating platforms applied in lakes, ponds and reservoirs to improve the aquatic environment. AFIs have four functions: water purification, habitat enhancement shoreline erosion protection, and improved landscape features. This paper reviews the studies carried out by earlier researchers on AFI. The primary advantages of AFIs are that they float and adjust to water level variations in reservoirs and reduce predation risks by providing safe protections for nesting birds. The paper presents the type, structure, function, and developing history of AFIs. By analyzing the social-economic benefits, advices are given for applying AFIs technology to improve the water environment and to improve crops thereby creating a “win-win” model for both environmental protection and agricultural development in rural places. Based on the review it can be concluded that AFI technology is promising and acceptable even indigenously.

Keywords: Artificial Floating Island (AFI), Nutrient Removal, Wastewater Treatment

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DOI: 01.1617/vol2iss2pid001379

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