International Journal of Engineering Research in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IJERMCE)

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Volume2,March 2017,

Topic : Comparative Analysis of Bamboo Species as an Alternative to Steel Reinforcement

Authors:Aniket Sahare || Dr.Debarati Datta, Pankaj Mali

Abstract:With the world embracing the concept of sustainability, the importance of bamboo as a sustainable material is gradually increasing in the construction sector. Since there are many species of bamboo available across the globe, region specific studies are important to understand the bamboo harnessing potential of that region. This study is focused on Vidarbha region as it is very rich in bamboo ( 90% of total state production of bamboo ) and involves comparative study between the two main bamboo species found in Vidarbha i.e. Bambusa arundinacea ( Locally known as Katang ) and Dendrocalamus strictus ( Locally known as Manvel ).In this paper, experimental investigation has been carried out to study the mechanical as well as physical properties of both the species, in order to check their suitability against conventional steel reinforcement. The bamboo species have been procured from Nagpur district. The samples were prepared and tested according to IS 6874:2008. To understand the physical nature of these species, tests were conducted to determine the physical properties that included Moisture content test, Density test and Shrinkage test. The tests carried out to determine mechanical properties were Bending strength test, Compressive test strength and Tensile strength test. The comparative test results are presented in the paper..

Keywords: Bamboo reinforcement, Node, Sustainability, Wall thickness.

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DOI: 01.1617/vol4/iss3/pid10597

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