Paper Title:Latest Trends and Technologies for Railway Engineering Using Composite Sleepers


Railway sleepers are one of the most important elements of the railway track system. Timber is the most widely used material for railway sleeper. Although timber sleepers are the most common, use of pre-stressed concrete, steel materials are also increasing. Composite sleeper is becoming suitable alternative for replacing the existing concrete, steel and particularly timber sleeper. Use of composite sleepers not only reduces the land pollution from disposed waste plastics but also ensure less destruction to the forests. Composite sleeper technologies are already available in the last 20 years but they have limited acceptance by the railway industry. In recent years, reinforced polymer sleepers have emerged as a potential alternative but their implementation has been very slow. This paper reviews the use of composite sleeper which is a new initiative on focusing of alternative sleepers, their advantages and disadvantages over traditional sleeper. For the upcoming years every construction activity needs to focus on sustainable engineering and this research attempts to give the alternative smart solution for future infrastructure engineering sector.

Keywords:Infrastructure and Sustainable engineering, Railway sleepers, Composite sleeper, reinforced polymer sleepers.