Paper Title:Revolution in Rural India through Solid Waste Management


The majority of India population are still living in the rural area. According to census 2011 around 68.84 percent people are living in rural area of India. So the development of India is with development of rural area. One of the key point in rural development is effective management of solid waste. Due to change in lifestyle and economic revolution there is a quantum change in quality and quantity of solid waste. It is found that municipal solid waste management of medium scale towns and villages around are neglected due to lack of awareness and low budget allotment for these areas. Government is effectively working for cleanness of areas and solid waste management. The introduction of Swachh Bharat Mission has enforce gram panchayat to put in place a functional waste management system. At moment there are few SWM units and GPs (Gram Panchayat) in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Gujarat and Rajasthan which are managing their solid waste successfully. The rural India is generating 0.3 to 0.4 million metric ton per day of solid waste in year 2016. In Gujarat around 25% of 14459 Gram Panchayat has started door to door collection of solid waste and after collection open dumping is done. This paper study the present scenario of solid waste management of Jetpur town which is located in western region of Gujarat state. Jetpur is a medium scale town with population of 1, 18,302 person. The existing data of solid waste management of the town has been collected. The analysis of this data has been done and identified the lacuna in the solid waste management system of the town. The waste generation rate of the town has been calculated which is 0.338 kg/capita/day. Also quantity of solid waste has been calculated ward wise and also future forecasting of population of the town have been calculated. Furthermore SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of the town has been done. This paper also gives scientific methodology of solid waste management.

Keywords:Rural solid waste management, Vermicomposting, Gram Panchayat, Door to door collection, Environmental Hazards.