Paper Title:9/11: a Terrorist Attack or a Conspiracy?


September 11th, 2001 was a clear Tuesday morning in New York City, USA. But, a series of events started taking place from 8:45 am that made a huge impact on the whole world. The series of four attacks by the terrorist group Al-Qaeda, in which two passenger planes crashed into the financial hub of the USA. Twin towers of the World Trade Center were attacked and were ‘brought down’ as reported by the media. These were the reports submitted by the written and television media, but, considering the nature of demolition of the buildings, the nature of construction of the buildings, the parameters considered while designing the buildings and several other factors, this massacre doesn’t seem as easy to occur as it was reported. In this research report, the authors would go through all the smaller and bigger factors that prove the demolition/ ‘bringing down’ of the buildings was not just due to collision of the planes but there were more factors related to it. Also, this report focuses on the collapse of other two buildings that were affected i.e. WTC- Building 7 and The Pentagon. The collapse of these buildings weren’t usual and normal as well. This paper goes through all the structural factors which deny the official reasons for the collapse of these buildings.