Paper Title:Green Skyscraper: A Smart Solution for Sustainable Infrastructure


Green Skyscraper concept has been emerged to mitigate the effects of the increasing impact on the environment and it can work as a smart solution, to improve the building construction process. This research has been emphasized on integration of plants in skyscraper design, which play a vital role for the energy conservation by the building as well as improving the living quality into these vertical cities. Throughout the thesis work, it has been studied to establish the necessity of planting to incorporate into skyscrapers, for the well-being of our economy, society and the environment. The rules and regulations in various countries have been studied. The provision of integrating plants into skyscraper includes the four possible options like Green Roof, Green Wall, Bio-filter and indoor potting plants which can be incorporated into the design. The benefits and impacts have been studied in terms of energy savings and indoor environmental qualities. Green roof can reduce 50% of cooling load; Green wall can reduce 100 C indoor temperature; whereas Bio-filter and internal plants purify indoor air by 50-60%.

Keywords:Green skyscraper, Integration of plants, Green Roof, Green Wall, Bio-filter, Environmentally optimized solution and aesthetics.