Paper Title:Study and Design of Roundabout at Charkop Market, Kandivali (West)


The developing cities are having a lot of traffic problems with increasing rate of vehicles. In present time charkop market and Hindustan naka, kandivali (west) part of Mumbai city, Maharashtra. Traffic problem are due to private vehicles running in this part of city these increased rate of vehicles require space for movement, with safety having enough capacity of roundabout’s intersection. So capacity evaluation needs to be done on roundabout intersection for easy operation of traffic. During the past decade major cities have under gone hazard growth of Industrialization, urbanization of country, and kandivali is not exception for that. Traffic is increasing day by day, so it is almost impossible for traffic police to control the traffic manually at the intersection. Although the signals have been provided on both intersection but the traffic congestion has not been reduced effectively. In order to improve the traffic conditions as well as the aesthetic view at the said intersections, we suggest to design the roundabout at these intersections to reduce traffic congestion keeping in view high traffic and conditions favoring the roundabout. For this traffic volume surveys, study and the design is done accordingly.

Keywords:Traffic, Roundabout, Charkop Market, Intersection and Kandivali.