Paper Title:Life Cycle Cost Analysis- A Decision Making Tool for Implementation of Green Infrastructure Projects


The sustainable infrastructure is the need of the next generations. There is no definite tool to give exact streamlined decision for the feasibility of the any project. Day by day, the depletion of environment due to construction activities is increasing. A solution to these crises is the construction of green structures which have minimal impact on the environment. In this process of shifting from conventional to green structures, the initial investment cost of the project may tend to rise higher, however, the entire structure gives huge returns over a period of 10-15 years due to which this shift can prove to be beneficial. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the role of life cycle cost (LCC) analysis in the feasibility study of construction projects and in deciding on the proposals of infrastructure projects. A study was made on the cash flows during the construction and further the expected returns were calculated. The results obtained, highlight that the factors like construction techniques, materials, etc. influence the cost of a green building. Therefore, after a thorough study of costs incurred and the future benefits and further the analysis of life cycle cost, we can state the feasibility of a green infrastructure project. Thus providing an alternative approach as to how to achieve long term minimum value of total costs from strategic point of view.

Keywords:Huge returns, cash flows, feasibility, strategic point of view.