Paper Title:Naher-E-Ambari a Case Study: Rebirth and Recommandation for Medivial Water Supply System (Part I)


This paper present on the ancient water management system (Nahar-E-Ambari) was one of the pure and preferable sources of water in Aurangabad city. And it’s built by Malik Ambar in 1617 A.D. it is design for population of 7 Lakh. On the high land around the city from north, east and south wherever the circumstances allowed the engineers of the period brought down Nahar in Aurangabad city. In city of Aurangabad was having number of Nahars of pure minerals subterranean drinking water. The inhabitances of Aurangabad where being benefitted by this water supply system since 300 years regularly without any tax. In over paper, the technical detail of Nahar system is discussed in depth. It is world 2nd number water management system based on symphonic action in working condition, but now days it was break down and with the age, the rupture and break down began and Destroy. In this report we will study and analyzing parameters like mapping of aqueduct and manholes by GPS water quality parameters (physical, chemical and biological) and we recommended various norms like renewal of Nahars, water filter plant for at specific station, replacement of old pipeline system, various repairing method improve water quality and utilization of water use for in public sector like drinking, gardening, street washing, public toilets.

Keywords:Nahar-E-Ambari, GPS, Siphon, Air Towers, Gaimukh Aqueduct, Google Earth, etc.