Paper Title:Boutique Hotel, Jaipur - Resurrecting the Bygone Era


The „past‟ is very much a part of the here and now in India. What makes Indian civilization special, is that it has continued in an unbroken continuum from the early ancient times right up till the present day. History, tradition and cultural heritage are not mothballed relics consigned to museums and inner recesses of the people‟s collectively memory, they are an integral and organic part of people‟s everyday life. Our Heritage is a legacy from our past. It is something we live with today and, hopefully, something that we can pass on to future generations. Heritage is both a record of life and history and also an irreplaceable source of creativity and inspiration. It‟s like our DNA, determines who we are, giving us both identity and the values that will guide our lives in a changing world. Which is why the concept of heritage hotels has been steadily gaining popularity worldwide. And India, which is fast emerging as a popular tourist destination internationally, has many charming heritage properties. These mostly consist of old palaces, hilltop forts, lodges and etc.- some dating back centuries- which not only showcase India‟s traditions and customs, but also bring alive the flavour, ambience and feel of her rich past. “Athithi devo bhavha” has been one of the central tenets of Indian culture since times immemorial... This project is a Boutique Hotel, with the Heritage style of Rajasthan, of the Bygone Era, bringing back the royalty in service and in one‟s experience. A platform to rejuvenate with the past and present, with the main objective as to provide the visitors with “Feel-good-effect”.

Keywords:Boutique Hotel, Heritage, Culture, Bygone Era, History, civilization