Paper Title:Smart Decision Making Technique in Construction Supply Chain Management for Infrastructure Engineering Projects


In this competitive era, the infrastructure sector has shown its promising side and has reached new heights. Companies execute multiple projects at various locations. In this fierce competition, the Indian infrastructure industry is facing tough competition from its counterparts.Also, in this everchanging demanding era of globalization, the project manager needs to equip himself with latest trends and technologies in infrastructure sector.Thus, to thrive in this era the companies need to enhance its criteria’s and management methodology, also strive for customer satisfaction and delight. To improve this scenario, the decision making process for the infrastructure sector has to be revamped.First it is important to know the factors (parameters) affecting the decision making in infrastructure projects. This paper explains the various decision criteria’s in construction supply chain process and factors affecting each decision criteria. The study is carried out using questionnaire survey conducted across different companies in Pune and Nasik and also using face to face interview with managers and engineers and then subsequent analysis of the response from companies. The analysis of the study is the application of AHP to construction supply chain process and its utilization as an effective means for the formalization of knowledge possessed by competent, experienced practitioners. On the practical side, it guides them in making logical, consistent decisions, and provides a facility for all necessary calculations.

Keywords:Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)