Paper Title:Strength Characterization of Lateritic Soil with Geogrid Inclusion


Soil reinforcement is one of the most popular ground improvement techniques. One of the method i.e., Geogrid reinforcement is gaining acceptance as an effective way of improving on the properties of naturally occurring soils for foundations and pavements. Geogrid is defined as the fabric material placed to enhance water movement and retard soil movement also as a blanket to add additional support to the reinforcement and it fixed in between the soil and pipes, gabion or retaining wall. A geogrid should consist of a stable network that retains its relative structure during handling, placement, and long-term service. A study is made to determine the strength and bearing capacity of the layered soil by the application of geogrid in different layers. Structures constructed on the weak soil fail due to insufficient bearing capacity and excessive settlement of the underlying soil. Supporting strength of soil or rock is called as its bearing capacity.

Keywords: Bearing capacity, Geosynthetics, Geogrid, Settlement, Lateritic soil, Reinforced soil.