Paper Title:Repair and Rehabilitation of RCC Structures


The repair and rehabilitation can be proposed to an existing structure to increase the probability, so that the structure will survive for a long period of time and this can be accomplished through the addition of new structural elements and strengthening of existing structural element using “Retrofitting” method .The repair and rehabilitation of the structure involves, inspection methods, assessments, monitoring, concrete durability, seismic strengthening, general repairs and laboratory studies of various materials. The problems faced in the recent years, commonly, durability problems, poor performance, repair failures and significant user costs for repairs, calls for advanced repair using simpler methods. It is necessary to consider the recent advancement in structural repair from the view point of extending the serviceability of the structure of the structure under repairs. In this paper the sounding test conducted using “Rebound hammer”, is discussed, which indicates the surface hardness measured on graduated scale. The measured value is designated as “Rebound number”. The formation of moderate cracks developed on structure is assessed. The surface cracks were cleaned and brushed to develop the bonding strength between the old concrete and surface preparation using bonding agents called “Nitto-bond”.

Keywords: Retrofitting, Non-destructive repair, Rehabilitation.