Paper Title:Construction of Economic Concrete Using Waste Burnt Bricks and Mangalore Tiles


Brick waste is common in the form of over burned bricks at the time of its manufacturing and also in form of broken bricks during its transportation at the time of construction work. To manage this brick waste, it can be used as partial substitute for stone aggregate in concrete. The main objective is to provide optimum % of replacement. In India, large quantities of construction and demolition waste are produced every year in metropolitan cities. Analysis of both fresh and hardened concrete with partial replacement of brick waste can be studied from various tests like slump, compaction factor test, unit weight, compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength. At present approximately 5% of bricks taken from demolition sites are being separated and recycled. While the proportion of concrete being recycled is up around 90% these low rate of brick recycling is due to a lack of research into the performance of crushed brick material in applications such as concrete aggregates and road base.

Keywords: Compressive strength, Tensile Strength, Mix Proportion.