Paper Title:Comparative Study of Light Weight Concrete


light weight concrete as become more popular in recent years owing to the tremendous advantages over the conventional concrete. The properties of light weight concrete can vary widely and it can be used in wide variety of applications. Light weight blocks can be used as an alternative to the conventional cement blocks that uses aerating agents like aluminum powder. concrete which is aerated using aerating or by using some expanding agents is known as light weight concrete, it is produced by initially making a slurry of cement + fly ash + water, which is further mixed with addition of aerators in an ordinary concrete mixer under ambient conditions. Application of light weight concrete is civil engineering works is broad as it can be used in almost every parts of building from superstructure right down to the substructure, including wall panels and roofing. In highway construction light weight concrete can be applied as a soil filling for sub base, bridge abutments and embankments. It is worth nothing that the use of light weight concrete in other countries such as Europe, Japan, and united kingdom etc.

Keywords: Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, Conventional concrete, Foaming Agent, Light weight concrete.