Paper Title:Design of Drainage Network for the Bhagyanagar Area, Belagavi City Using SWMM


Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) is used in this study for simulating rainfall driven flow in a sewer system that can cause overflow in sewer networks. The simulation is carried out in a residential area located in the Bhagyanagar, Belagavi city. The study reveals that severe rainfall events cause sewer overflow and surface inundation in the area. A number of measures have been proposed including capacity improvement of sewer system, reduction of discharge peak to solve the flood problem. It is expected that the study will help in operational management of the sewerage system and mitigate the flooding problem. The main objectives of the project are to control the runoff from small rain events and provide safe path or storage runoff from the major storms. Management of storm water by suitable design of drainage system which controls unforeseen disaster. Storm management controls flood by diverting the excess water. It aims for sustainability development using storm water management techniques.

Keywords: Storm water management, drainage design, surface runoff, sub-catchment, urban drainage, digital elevation model.