Paper Title:G.I.S. for Urban Planning


Urban and Regional planning underlies the very fabric of the society as we know it today. Without planning and foresight, our cities, towns, rural areas, and residential communities will not run efficiently. While communities today face many challenges, some of them, such as pollution and traffic, can be addressed by careful and crea¬tive planning. It is the planner’s job to address such problems and provide viable solutions for the current scenario and the future. The state of Goa covers an area of 3702 and it comprises of two districts viz. North Goa and South Goa with headquarters’ at Panjim and Mar¬gao cities respectively. It lies between the latitudes 14’53’54”N and 15’40’00’N and longitudes 73’40’33”E and 74’20’13”E. As per demographics of 2011 census, it harbours a population of 1,458,545 which accounts for India’s 4th smallest. It is one of India’s richest state with a GDP per capita 2.5 times that of the country. Margao is one of the major cities of Goa, located in South Goa in the District. The city covers an area of 37.2 and caters for a population of 1, 94,134 as per the survey of 2011, and is the 2nd largest. It is located between the latitude 15’16’25”N and longitude 73’57’29”E. Being one of the busiest city, it involves bulky traffic move¬ments. During the past 3 years, a total of 958 deaths have been reported in the city due to road accidents. The city faces traffic congestion, espe¬cially on the Aquem-Margao route, and also park¬ing issues. In addition to this, the city also faces sewage treatment problems and disposal and treatment of solid waste. All this hampers the de¬velopment this major city, hence a proper planning of each sector and implementation of the same is required. Geographic Information System is one of the tools that can enable proper planning and can help to understand the core areas of these problems. It is a digital approach towards such problems, giving better results as it is a single platform that com¬bines spatial and non-spatial data.

Keywords:G.I.S, Global positioning system (GPS), Accident prone site, Road accident analysis basis on yearly, monthly, hourly.