Paper Title:Pressure Disrtribution on the Concave Curved Surface Due To Impingement of Air Jet from an Orifice for d=10mm for Confined Flow


Jet impingement is is one of the all around characterized techniques for cooling, warming and drying of surfaces. Few industrial processes which make use of impinging jets are drying of food products, films and papers, textiles, processing of some metals and glass, outer wall of the combustion chamber and cooling of gas turbine blades . The present work is to study experimentally the distribution of static pressure on the concave curved surface due to air jet impingement from an orifice for d=10mm for confined flow. The experimental includes measurement of static pressure difference on concave curved surface for various parameters such as d=10mm (diameter of orifice), Z/d=1to 4(non dimensional distance between orifice exit plane and curved surface plane) θ=00 to 400 (circumferential location indicated as angular position on concave curved surface measured from the direction of jet impingement at the centre of curvature) for Reynolds number of flow 5000 to 45000. It is observed that coefficient of static pressure Cp is independent of Reynolds number. The results revels that higher value of CP are observed up to θ=00 and decreases along the circumferential location .Higher values of Cp are observed at lower Z/d ratio as the velocity decay is minimum at this position.

Keywords:jet impingement. Static pressure. Confined flow. Concave surface