Paper Title:Environmental Conditions and Environmental Performance of Railway Workshop: A Case Study


Railway workshops undertake major maintenance activity of the rolling stock over Indian Railways which cater to coach repairs, wagon repairs, locomotive repairs or even combination them. These workshops employ thousands of technical manpower and are energy intensive workshops established mainly during pre independence era. This study has two objectives firstly to understand the environment conditions prevailing in one of the major workshops located in south India and secondly to assess the environmental impact by the workshops due to energy use. Focussed group discussions were conducted with the stake holders of the workshop and a structured questionnaire was compiled. The questionnaire was administered to the technical employees of the workshop duly citing the idea behind collecting the data. The results of 100 respondents from the workshops were compiled and analysed.The results clearly indicate that the environment in the workshops are maintained at very high standards. This is due to high environmental awareness in the workshops and the pro active effortts by the management to maintain high standards of indoor air quality. The study also compiles the annual energy consumption data of the workshops for a period of five calender years from 2007 to 2011, compares them with the annual output and analyses the environmental pollution in terms of GHG emissions.

Keywords:Indian Railways, Coach Maintenance, Environmental Pollution, Railway Workshops