Paper Title:A Review Paper on - Augmentation of Heat Transfer in Microchannel & Minichannel Heat Exchanger


Microchannel Heat transfer has the very potential of wide applications in cooling high power density microchips in the CPU system, the micro power systems and even many other large scale thermal systems requiring effective cooling capacity. This is a result of the micro size of the cooling system which not only significantly reduces the weight load, but also enhances the capability to remove much greater amount of heat than any of large scale cooling systems. It has been recognized that for flow in a large scale channel, the heat transfer Nusselt number, which is defined as (hD/k), is a constant in the thermally developed region where h is the convective heat transfer coefficient, k is thermal conductivity of the fluid and D is the diameter of the channel. One can expect that as the size of the channel decrease, the value of convective heat transfer coefficient, h, becomes increasing in order to maintain a constant value of the Nusselt number. As the size of the channel reduces to micron or nano size, the heat transfer coefficient can increase thousand or million times the original value. This can drastically increase the heat transfer and has generated much of the interest to study microchannel heat transfer both experimentally and theoretically.