Paper Title:Energy Conservation through Energy Audit of Engineering Institutions


Engineering institutions have mushroomed in India over the years and as of Dec 2016 more than 4500 such institutions which are approved by AICTE exist in India. Engineering Colleges are big consumers of energy be in the form of fuel for transportation, electrical energy for class rooms and labs and LPG for canteen & Mess. Presently the engineering students are unaware of the various forms of primary and secondary energy being consumed in providing technical education and its implications. Educational Institutions are increasing over the years due to rise in population and are involved in imparting knowledge and skills to the youth and thus contribute in nation building. Karwar town is on the north western tip of Karnataka and is adjoining the state of Goa and has two engineering colleges and a host of degree and PU colleges apart from polytechnics. Energy auditing involves the study of energy usage in industry, organizations and institutions. As educational institutions are also consuming substantial amount of energy sources such as diesel for transport vehicles and captive DG sets, Electricity for illumination, ventilation and operating of machinery and tools. The study of the manner in which energy is being used; comparison between institutes on per student annual usage shall give fair idea for benchmarking. This study involves procurement of equipment for energy auditing and undertaking energy audits of the engineering college, its two hostels and later on neighboring institutions. By undertaking detailed energy auditing, the various measures which can be adopted for energy conservation can be arrived at so as to have effective demand side management.

Keywords:Energy Audit, Engineering Institutions, Karnataka, Demand Side Management.