Paper Title:New Instrumentation System to Ensure the Compliance of RTO Rules by a Four Wheeler


India has grown leaps and bounds in recent times and its economy too is growing. To sustain this growth quality infrastructure is required which includes transport. Road transport is vital in India and is playing a major role. But it is observed that in order to make quick bucks the transport operators overload the trucks/lorries over and above the rated capacity. This leads to accelerated wear and tear of the engine, roads and leads to increased rates of road accidents. Apart from this the engine emissions increase and often go unchecked. To prevent such unauthorized overloading, a device/gadget has been thought of which can convey the driver about overloading and the driver can unload some part of the load on the vehicle to reduce the excessive load. But if the driver continues to drive the vehicle, he will be stopped by the road transport authorities at the toll gates or in the city limits or by the patrolling staff.

Keywords:Radio Frequency, hertz, Amphere, Voltage, Ohms.