Paper Title:Study of Transonic Flow Characteristics Over NACA2412 and Modified NACA2412


The study is conceived to identify the transonic flow characteristics while understanding the Aerofoil geometry influence on the performance characteristics in the form of pressure distribution and the shock wave properties estimation. The transonic flow features estimation includes the shock and its location prediction for NACA2412. The study extended to redesigning the base NACA2412 Aerofoil by modifying the leading edge, camber location, suction and pressure surfaces to delay the shock and also to improve the aerodynamic efficiency. The shock delay directly improves the lift and drag of the Aerofoil and also eliminates the inadvertent loading of the Aerofoil. Ansys CFX has been used extensively to study the flow behavior since superiority in wide range of flows.

Keywords:CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics), NACA( National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics)