Paper Title:Analysis of Process Parametersof MIG/MAG Weldingusing Design of Experiments


Welding parameters are the most important factors which affect the quality productivity as well as the cost of production. This paper presents the influence of welding parameters such as welding voltage , gas flow rate, wire feed rate ect, on weld strength ,weld pool geometry of the most used metal in the fabrication industry which is Medium Carbon Steel material by the welding process of MIG/MAG WELDING .hence the different variable parameters are analyzed by using Design of experiment method along with MAT9 SOFTWARE and Analysis of variance techniques are used to investigate the Optimized set of parameter sand then the confirmation tests have been carried out to compare the predicted values to the experimental values to confirm its effectiveness in the analysis of weld strength and depth of penetration.

Keywords:CO2 , DOE, MIG/MAG, MDR DOF,S/N Ratio, DF,SS, MS, OPT,