Paper Title:Inelastic Seismic Analysis on High-Rise Building


To know the inelastic seismic behavior, the pushover analysis to eccentric multistoried buildings a procedure is to be developed. The procedure conducts the elastic spectrum analysis of the building to obtain the target displacements and load distributions for pushover analysis. The two-dimensional inelastic static analysis is conducted on the lateral load resisting element. To investigate the efficiency of this model, three different types of eccentric buildings are studied. The first model is a ductile moment resisting frame building. The second model is a set-back building. These building are subjected to gradual increase of lateral load and ground motion excitations at the base are calculated. This means maximum responses of these buildings are computed using 3-D inelastic dynamic analysis and the proposed procedure. A Comparison of the set of results finds to determine the capabilities and advantages of the procedure adopted

Keywords: Base shear, maximum response, Pushover analysis, Target displacement.