Paper Title:Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Properties of E-glass/ Iso Thalic Polyester with Aluminium Oxide Filler


In the present work, mechanical characterisation of EGlass/Iso Thalic Polyestercomposite by using aluminium oxide as a filler for volume fraction of fibres 15% wt and 25% weight of fibre are prepared. The Aluminium oxide(additive) is added to the resin (iso thalic polyester) in proportion by 5% wt of resin .The fibre length of 6-8mm were used . The mechanical properties of E-glass composite with different fibre fraction are calculated .The impact strength, tensile strength, flexural strength and hardness are investigated .

Keywords:E-Glass; Iso-thalic Polyester; Aluminium oxide; Tensile Strength; Flexural Strength; Impact strength; Hardness