Paper Title:Energy Conversion on Cable-stay Bridge (with the Concept of Hinge Support Design)


Energy Conversion plays a major role in any engineering field either it may be civil engineering or it may be mechanical engineering, the concept with which we are dealing with the energy conversion makes us the futuristic engineers to maintain the eco-system life style. This concept of energy saving project gives you the study details of the energy conversion of the cable-stay bridge & it also deals with the new concept of hinge support design with single span on the cable-stay bridge. As the designs of bridge will be at higher altitude where wind velocity will be high, the design encompasses utilization of wind turbines & also for the utilization of solar energy for power generation, to utilize such freely available natural wind & solar resource. This paper studies wind turbines & solar panels mounted on bridge to generate electricity which can be utilized for lightings & other purpose for the bridge. This work involves designing of cable-stayed bridge for its concept of single hinge support design which can be considered as the best aesthetic view & good landmark in the transportation system.

Keywords: Cable-stayed bridge, Energy conversion, Hing support design, Single span, Solar panels, Wind turbines.