Paper Title:Study on Generation of Electricity using Power Humps


Energy is the basic need for the development of the modern world. For meeting up the regular demand of energy we need to design system that will produce electricity without destroying the nature. Researches show that world has its enough shares of its energy resources. Fossil fuels pollute the environment. Nuclear energy requires careful handling of both raw as well as waste material. The focus now is shifting more and more towards the renewable sources of energy, which is essential and nonpolluting. The number of vehicles passing in road is increasing day by day. In this project an attempt has been made to generate electricity from speed breakers are called as POWER HUMPS. The generated power can be utilized for illumination of street lights, sign boards and for other purposes and this will be one of the great renewable sources of energy produced from power humps without causing environmental pollution.

Keywords: Energy, Non-Conventional Energy, Power humps, Street lights, Speed breaker.