Paper Title:An Experimental Study on Addition of the Glass Waste Into Concrete


The quantity of waste glass In India has been increasing significantly without being recycled increasing the risk to public health due to scarcity of land area.This growing problem of waste glass in country can be alleviated if new disposal options other than landfill can be found.the main goal is to investigate the possibility to improve the compressive strength by the partially replacing natural aggregates .waste glass is the least expensive of all the concrete constituents & is much less expensive than natural aggregates,thus the idea is to replace 20% of the sand be taken in order not to weaken the concrete by adding to much glass. Therefore, different samples of the most common glass materials were collected and crushed to be included in concrete as partial occupant in concrete mix .

Keywords: Compressive Strength, Split Tensile Strength, Flexural Strength, Mix Proportion.