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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Identification of Bending Behaviour of a 3-D Printed Composite Polymer Reinforced with Carbon Fiber

Author : Rishith Harish,K Siddhartha Shankar,Dr. Sangamesh C M

Date of Publication :15th May 2024

Abstract:The 3D printing, has emerged as a disruptive technology capable of revolutionizing various industries. It adopts additive processes to build objects through sequential addition of layers. The implementation of a layer-by-layer approach offers an unparalleled degree of adaptability in design, enabling the creation of intricate and intricate structures that were previously challenging or unachievable.

The study in this paper is to the investigate the fundamental comprehension of the flexing characteristics of the 3D-printed composite, the composite material formed by the combination of additive manufacturing's flexibility, carbon fiber's robustness and endurance is exceptionally versatile and valuable for creating customized and long-lasting solutions. The significant benefits such as corrosion resistance, design adaptability, long-lasting performance, lightweight construction, and high strength.

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