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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
IoT-BASED Performance and Monitoring of Counter Flow and Parallel Flow of Double Pipe Heat Exchangers

Author : Dr.Sangamesh CM, VishwanathSharma, VedaKotra, Sree Ashwath Nekkanti, Sumukh Nadig

Date of Publication :15th May 2024

Abstract:The main objective of this work focused on developing a multi-user remote system that utilizes IoT technology with a Raspberry Pi microcontroller. In specific, IoT-based monitoring is applied to the double-pipe heat exchanger, a thermal device. The heat exchanger is a device in which the transfer of heat takes place from one high-temperature fluid to another low-temperature fluid. Monitoring the performance of such heat exchangers using networking is a trending research area for heat exchanger-based researchers. Heat exchanger assembly consists of two inputs a hot hot-water inlet (T1) and a cold-water inlet (T3). Two outputs such as the hot water outlet (T2) and the cold-water outlet (T4). The IoT system proposed in this study can identify deviation of such input and output parameters from normal operating values. It can also monitor heat exchanger performance via inaccessible (private) firmware running on the cloud.

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