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Manufacturing Automation with IOT and Industry 5.0: A Review

Author : Parthasarathi R, Dhanya R, Sathguru R

Date of Publication :17th March 2023

Abstract: The Web of Things (IoT) has been adopted by many organizations in their creative chains, as this innovation is the main source of digitization in the creative factory. Gathering information further develops the efficiency of activities, the efficiency of accountability and the implementation of the General Assembly. Internet of things is also a good way to improve and effectively computerize distribution centres, Streamline shipping with minimal period calculations and further reduce inventory management time. Industry 4.0's (I-4.O) primary goal is to emphasize the mechanization framework while reducing human managers' concerns. However, Industry 5.0 (I-5.0) aims to change this goal and maximize profit through human-machine collaboration by creating a balance. Building a closer link between people's ever-growing valued abilities and powerful enterprises is the aim of I-5.0. An overview of the Internet of Things, which allows for I-4.0. and even computer modifications, is given in this article. The writers look at the way IoT is used in different current situations and also look at how the idea of IIoT has changed over time. Furthermore, the present work concentrates on certain studies in order to provide the writers with inspiration regarding the important issues, implementation research, and potential applications of IIoT.

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