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Enhancing Wear Resistance & Fatigue Strength of Mild Steel & Aluminium Alloys Using Detonation Spray Coating

Author : A.Venkatesan 1 V.Gopal 2

Date of Publication :27th April 2017

Abstract: Materials are precious resources. Different methods are employed to protect the material from degradation. Thermal spraying is one of the most effective methods to protect the material from wear, high temperature corrosion, stresses and erosion, thus increasing the life of material in use. Detonation gun spraying is one of the thermal spraying techniques known for providing hard, wear resistant and dense micro structured coatings. In this paper, to increase the Wear Resistance and the Fatigue Strength of Mild Steel and Aluminium alloys, we are going to use Zirconium and Alumina-Titanium powders for Detonation Spray Coating. They are ceramic materials which can withstand high heat and thermal load. They are easily available ceramics and can be coated by detonation spray coating. The materials chosen for coating are Alloy special Steel EN19 and Al A319. The materials are coated with Zirconium powder and Alumina-Titania by Thermal spray detonation method. After coating, the fatigue strength and wear resistance of the material is tested and compared with the results of the base material. The apparatus for wear testing is Drum type abrasion test. The fatigue test is to be done by high cycle push-pull tensile compression fatigue by Cyclic Deformation and Fatigue Crack Formation. The results are to be evaluated and compared. The percentage increase in wear resistance and fatigue strength is to be calculated.

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