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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Experimental Studies on Concrete by Using Recycled Aggregates

Author : Bhavin G Patel 1 Asst. Prof. Anil Kannauzia 2

Date of Publication :18th May 2017

Abstract: There is a critical shortage of virgin aggregates and hence the availability of demolished concrete for use as recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) is increasing. Using the waste concrete as RCA conserves virgin aggregates, reduces the impact on landfills, decreases energy consumption and can provide cost savings. Recycled aggregates are comprised of crushed, graded inorganic particles processed from the materials that have been used in the constructions and demolition debris. Recycled aggregates for application in strength structural concrete, which will give a better understanding on the properties of concrete with recycled aggregate, as an alternative material to coarse aggregate in structural concrete. In the present study recycled coarse aggregate have been used to replace virgin coarse aggregate & Partial Replacement with fly ash. The properties of fresh as well as hardened concrete made of partial replacement of recycled coarse aggregate are found out and the results are compared with that of concrete Fly ash confirming to IS 3812:2003 was used as a part replacement of cement. Fly ash was replaced by cement in with 10%, 20%, & 30% again natural aggregates were replace with recycled coarse aggregates (RCA) in % of 10%, 20%, & 30 %. Concrete mix 1:1:2 were used in this study for experimental purpose

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