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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
A Study on Surface Properties of Chips Produced by Large-Strain Extrusion Machining

Author : Kunal Arora 1 Harsh Kansal 2 Krishna Murari 3 Hitesh Mittal 4 Sumit Kumar 5

Date of Publication :24th May 2017

Abstract: manufacturing of bulk nano structured are in high demand in today’s industry because of recent development and application of advanced materials. Many traditional machining processes were used but none of them have been able to produce complex shapes precisely at low cost. In order to overcome this difficulty Large–strain extrusion machining (LSEM) is introduced. It is basically a fabrication process. It is a single step manufacturing process. It is a method of severe plastic deformation (SPD) which is used particularly for machining bulk nano structured materials. It is a low cost manufacturing technique with advantage of machining and controlling dimensions simultaneously. Different shapes such as foils, sheets and bars of controlled dimensi ons are produced with controlled geometric parameters of the deformation using large strain extrusion machining. The paper reviews all the characteristics of large strain extrusion machining, its background, its developments, effect of various parameters ( rake, feed, speed) on mechanical properties of chips, its mechanics, study of chips at microstructure and nano level. Effect of strain, porosity, hardness and other properties on chips have also been studied.

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