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Design of Apparent Perpetual Motion Machine [APMM] Capable of Extracting Energy From Gravitational Force

Author : Mr. M Saran Theja 1 Mr.D Anjan Kumar Reddy 2 Dr. G. Harinath Gowd 3

Date of Publication :13th June 2017

Abstract: The paper is mainly concentrations on design and fabrication of the ―APMM which is a replacement of conventional motors in many applications of it. This APMM can run on its own without any traditional input for fuelling it except for the initiation where permanent magnets has to be installed at first. It is a perpetual motion system that can energize itself by taking up the free energy present in the nature itself. This project enables to motorize systems with very minimal expenditure of energy. This works on gravitational force. The weight being hinged on the links which is held on the gears on the offset center being rolling around the center gear and axle. The center axle holding one ring, and the mass are held on the circumference on this ring, and during rotation, being powered by DC motor intermittently rolling and stopping, and the rotations continuation will continuously be generating electricity to charge the battery. Here the input energy is multiplied by 2 times for the output so can be termed as free energy. Gain energy, input versus output is more. The rotations provided intermittently by the motor propels the assembly to rotate continuously. Here say motor propels for half a rotation, the assembly rotates to have at least 2 to 3 rotations independently and again by the end of those the motor propels momentarily, by this theory the power gain is affected. In this model, we are using existing available motor and available generator and not the required calculated rating which would have given us the gain through proper tabulations and in terms of wattage or amperes, but here we are showing that the power is generated even during the motor is in idle condition

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