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Application of Design of Experiment (DOE) Method for Optimum Parameters of “Mahindra Bolero” Leaf Spring

Author : Chaitali Chaudhari 1 Supriya Chaudhari 2 Akshay Dalvi 3 Mayuri Deshpande 4 Prof. Sachin Shinde 5

Date of Publication :15th June 2017

Abstract: The Automobile Industry has shown keen interest for replacement of steel leaf spring with that of composite leaf spring, since the composite material has high strength to weight ratio, good corrosion resistance and tailor-able properties. The study aim’s in the rear leaf spring analysis of “Mahindra Bolero”. In this study, the authors attempt is to maximize the stiffness in the leaf spring by application of the DOE (Design of Experiments) method. Experiments have been conducted using standard L-8 orthogonal array by Taguchi. The statistical methods of signal to noise ratio (S/N) and analysis of variance (ANOVA) are applied to investigate the effects of four design parameters (material, width, thickness, number of leaves) on stiffness. A combination of optimal design parameters is also identified.

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