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Urbanization and Transforming Urban Form of Asian Cities – Cases of Bangkok, Tokyo & Mumbai

Author : Sana Malik 1 Dr Fariha Tariq 2 Dr Muhammad Yusuf Awan 3

Date of Publication :9th June 2017

Abstract: Cities under the influence of urbanization around the globe have experienced new shifts in urban policies and development. The paper discusses the transformation of Asian megacities through urbanization and the response of cities towards this paradigm of urbanization in terms of infrastructure policies and urban planning. The study is broadly divided into two sections. The first section is about urbanism and its connection with smooth working of cities. The second section is structured on impacts of urbanization with particular focus on how the urbanization is transforming the urban form Asian cities. This pattern of urban development being rapidly implied at more than one place at a time around the globe, demands for comparison of regional policies to effectively deal with impacts of urbanization for the sustainable growth of cities.

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