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Automatic Monitoring and Controlling of Greenhouse System using Zigbee

Author : G. Hima Bindu 1 K. Lokesh Krishna 2 K. Hema latha 3

Date of Publication :23rd March 2017

Abstract: The usage of Wireless Sensor Networks has become really important in recent years because of their ability to manage real-time data for various novel services. In this paper a ZigBee based automatically monitored and controlling system for greenhouse system is designed and implemented. This system utilizes an ARM7 processor, various sensors and ZigBee communication module. The entire system is powered by using a solar plate, placed outside the greenhouse system. Sensors gather various physical data from the field in real time and transmit it to the processor and to the end user via ZigBee communication module. Then necessary actions are initiated to perform action on behalf of people to reduce or eliminate the need of human labor. Necessary threshold values for each sensor measurement have been included in the program, so that the essential parameters necessary for plant growth can be accurately controlled. The proposed system has been tested for a week and reasonable results have been observed, which indicate that this system is very much useful for automatic greenhouse system monitoring and control.

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