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Design and Performance Analysis of Concentric Heat Exchanger Tank using MWCNT Nanofluid for Evacuated Tube Solar Collector

Author : Nishanth Nag H.D 1 Arun Kumar M.C 2 Vinay Kankanawadi 3 Harsha H.G 4 Krishnamurthy K.N 5

Date of Publication :12th April 2017

Abstract: Solar energy is the most available, environmental friendly energy source and also renewable to sustain the growing energy demand. There are particular challenges in the effective collection and storage of solar energy though it is free for capturing. Solar energy is captured by solar collectors and an evacuated solar collector is the most efficient and convenient collector among various kinds of solar collectors. In the present study, the heat transfer characteristics of MWCNT – Demineralized water nanofluid as Heat transfer Fluid (HTF) is used in concentric type heat exchanger tank are presented. The heat exchanger is fabricated from copper concentric inner tank with a length of 1100 mm and Dia of 230 mm and with outer SS tank of length 1150 mm and dia 252 mm. The weight fraction of nanoparticles was 0.1% with the nanoparticles dimension ranging 20nm- 40 nm. Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate (SDS) as surfactant and Chitosan as dispersant was used in this experimental study. The performance of the concentric heat exchanger tank with Evacuated tube solar collector (ETSC) using MWCNT nanofluid as heat transfer fluid was compared with conventional solar water heater tank. The present study revealed that the maximum efficiency was found to be in between the range of 10% - 20% more than the conventional water heater in a day. The results of this study have technological importance for the efficient design of concentric heat exchanger tank to enhance heating performance of water even at low incident radiations. The collector efficiency shows greater enhancement with the use of MWCNT nanoparticles at a 0.1% weight fraction. In conclusions, results suggest that MWCNT Nanofluid can be used as the working fluid in an ETSC to absorb heat from solar radiation and to convert solar energy into thermal energy efficient

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