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FE Optimization Studies on AA7075 Pre-Form Geometry of AUV Propeller Front and Back Hub for Zero under-Fill and Low Flash Cold Forging

Author : V.Komalapur 1 Vignesh Shetty 2 Venkanagouda P 3 Vinod Challagulla 4 Vinodkumar Channalli 5

Date of Publication :11th April 2017

Abstract: The complex three-dimensional geometry and tooling design of precision propeller components by forging technology is impeded by numerous barriers to date. Cold forging, an incremental metal forming process, has great potential to improve the current situation owing to its flexibility and lower tool load requirement. Manufacture of autonomous under water (AUV) propeller owing to complex hubs and blade design poses challenges to researchers who aim to increase thrust. The proposed work investigates cold forging process adopted to produce propeller hubs that involve flash and under-fill as impending problems that can be efficiently solved by proper design and optimization of pre-form. The 3D rigid-plastic finite element (FE) model of cold forging of AA7075 alloy propeller front and back hub was developed under SOLIDWORKS and AFDEX-3D 2014SP0 platform. Four FE modeling approaches have been proposed and simulated by finite element and have been successful in understanding of metal flow, work optimization and die stress in forming process. The AA7075 pre-form with AISI D2 die material for front and back hub considering four pre-forms of various dimensions were investigated for minimization of flash and under-fill. The reported work exposed that pre-form geometry had an important role to play in deciding the dimensional accuracy of the cold formed hubs. The numerical simulations provided interesting results for the optimization of front and back hub geometry that can provide input for experimentation.

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