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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Electric Power Generation From Hybrid Parabolic Solar Cooker

Author : Rakesh H R 1 Punithraj K P 2 Rathankumar M 3 Sachin kumar C S 4 Savitha .M 5 Dinesh kumar D K 6

Date of Publication :17th April 2017

Abstract: The continuously increasing imbalance betweenthe energy demand and supply, together with escalating cost ofthe conventional energy resources as well as growingenvironmental pollution are forcing people to invent newermethods either to reduce energy demands or to find alternativeenergy resources for cooking. The main intension behind this project is to employ concept of hybrid parabolic solar cooker with sensible heat conversion unit. Solar energy is availableeverywhere for free of cost Sun’s energy can be directly converted in to electrical energy, mechanical or even direct thermal energy. The project expects to reduce the consumption of timber as fuel used for cooking and electricity purpose to some extent, to encourage the use of renewable energy, to mitigate respiratory diseases caused by the inhalation of combustion smoke and help the family’s economy. Currently we are working on generation of electricity or electrical energy as well as thermal energy from same system.The system consists of energy conversion unit i.e., Thermoelectric Generator from which solar thermal energy is converted into electrical energy and made to store in battery by converting DC to AC using inverter it can be used for domestic purpose. This arrangement will help to cook the food, and also to generate electrical energy even during deficiency of solar radiation.

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