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A review on the biomass energy resources and conversion technology in India

Author : Amit Kumar 1 Dr. Rajakumar D.G 2

Date of Publication :18th April 2017

Abstract: Sustainable economic development is closely linked with the energy availability. The demand for energy continues to increase steadily from last several decades, due to rapid industrialization and globalization. Most of the world’s commercial energy needs are met by fossil fuels coupled with negative environmental effects. The burning of the fossil fuels is a big contributor for increasing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere. To combat global warming and other environmental problems associated with these fossil fuels many countries, including India, are increasingly adopting renewable energy sources. Such energy sources generally depend on energy flows through the earth’s ecosystem from the insolation of the sun and the geothermal energy of the earth. India is moving toward a trend of generating electricity from renewable resources such as Solar, Wind, Biomass, etc. The total installed capacity for electricity generation in India is 310 GW as on 31st December 2016 in that Renewable power plant contributes 88.96 GW (28.69%) in particular biomass contributes 4.99 GW (1.61%). In view of this, present study has made an attempt to have a brief review on various categories of biomass and its resources available in the Indian context and its wide range of applications based on the process of conversion methods or technologies used. Study also brings various possibilities of using different biomasses and their suitability in the context of energy resource.

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