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An Experimental Investigation on Machinability of Titanium (Grade -2) using Cryogenic Machining

Author : Samatham Madhukar 1 Dasari Jagath Prakash 2 Birudala Raga Harshith Reddy 3 Dr.V.V.Satyanarayana 4

Date of Publication :6th April 2017

Abstract: Among the group of super hard alloys, titanium is one of the fastest growing materials used in aerospace applications. The prime rationale for designers to choose titanium in their designs is its relative low mass for a given strength level and its relative resistance to high temperature. One drawback of these titanium material is their poor machinability. Many researches are going on to develop a machining technique that improves the machinability of hard materials. One such method that is under research for is cryogenic machining. In this type of machining the traditional coolant is replaced by the Liquid Nitrogen. Only the Liquid nitrogen is more preferable in machining because it is cost effective, safe, nonflammable and environmental friendly gas, in addition to that it cannot contaminate work piece, no separate mechanism for disposal .In this paper a machining test is conducted on the titanium Grade -2 material and the machining parameters temperature at the cutting area, cutting forces , power consumption , surface roughness are found by varying the speed, feed , depth of cut for the both normal machining and cryogenic machining.

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