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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Design And Fabrication Of Intelligent Wheel Chair

Author : Harishbabu.L 1 Sahan. S 2 Lakshmanan.N 3 Shivaraj. K 4 Mahesh. M 5 Shankar. N 6

Date of Publication :17th May 2017

Abstract: The project aims at designing a wheelchair capable of climbing staircases for physically handicapped people. The main conceptual elements that have been proposed to improve this idea are mainly to simplify the mechanism and make it work using minimum effort of human.In the field of providing mobility for the elderly or disabled the aspect of dealing with stairs continues largely unresolved. This project focuses on fabrication of the stair climber, a duel section tracked wheelchair capable of negotiating the large number of twisting and irregular stairs typically encountered by the residents living on the slopes. This wheelchair extends the capabilities of traditional powered devices by introducing control and navigational intelligence. These devices can ease the lives of many disabled people, particularly those with severe impairments, by increasing their range of mobility. A standardized autonomy management system that can be installed on readily available power chairs which have been well-engineered over the years has been developed and tested. A behaviour-based approach was used to establish sufficient on-board autonomy at minimal cost and material usage, while achieving high efficiency, sufficient safety, transparency in appearance, and extendibility. So far, the add-on system has been installed and tried on two common power wheelchair models. Initial results are highly encouraging

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